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Okay, this journal is now "friends only". Fanart, videos and pics - as well as convention reports will stay public


If you think we have lots in common and you wanna be friends? Absolutely :-) I always love to meet new ppl. Plz comment to be added.


Jul. 9th, 2010 11:18 pm
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The Apocalypse has begun



Oh and in case you are deciding to sign up, PLEASE tell them in your sign-up post that [personal profile] tinkabell007 from Team Hunter is sending you!!! :)) Thank you!!


May. 1st, 2009 07:50 pm
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It's alive!! It's alive!!

But why the hell is the layout not working the way I want??? :-( Give me my header... and links... and everything *sigh*

Custom CSS hates me... obviously :-(
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My dear [livejournal.com profile] faith_mars and I have created a new J2 community... but well, before I say more, just let me jump right into our awesomely awesome ( :P) promotion text:

You like reading J2 fanfics but you sometimes find yourself swamped with so many stories at once? And then you don’t know which one to read?
Well then, we have the solution to your problem: [livejournal.com profile] j2_rec is, as the name already implies, a J2 fanfic recommendation community. You not only get weekly updates with the latest and best J2 stories, you’ll also find special themed fanfic entries and much, much more.

So… join the fun :-) You know you want to *g*


Also, feel free to promote this :-) You know a community is only as good as its users and can only work with members! Therefore, promote :D I can offer you lots and lots of virtual cookies?! Deal? *g*

Icon Fun!

Apr. 18th, 2009 07:42 pm
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Been in such a good mood today (my bet’s on all the Aussie con reports lol ) that I had a little fun with photoshop… nothing major, but I just wanted to get these ideas out of my head :D

10 x Supernatural fun icons
12 x Non-Supernatural text icons


pic pic pic

More this way… )
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Well, first of all, Happy Easter you all! Good luck with the Easter egg hunt :P
Also, I have to say I’m quite stunned. I mean I never would have figured that my silly and crackish Wall-E!J2 stuff in my last entry would be so well received. *lol* Friends even suggested that I should x-post the stuff… but honestly? I wouldn't know where, cause let’s face it, it’s not quite J2 community stuff material. :-D

Anyway I have some pimping to do:

[livejournal.com profile] supernatur_lims round three sign-ups are now open!
Sign-ups | Rules
I’m going to particpate in this round as well… so, Yay!

Secondly… still haven’t seen Harper’s Island… but there’s already a great community out there you all should join right that second! :D
[livejournal.com profile] harpers_globe [livejournal.com profile] harpers_globe [livejournal.com profile] harpers_globe

And last but not least:

H/C stories are definitely my favorite kind, So, this is a great, great community. Plus, I even posted a prompt myself and hope someone out there grabs it and writes me a angsty-angsty-angsty story *puppy eyes*

Hmmm, I think I am done. Uff… pimping is exhausting…
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Alright, this is my art for the [livejournal.com profile] j2_everafter challenge. Well, if you are on my flist you probably know the backstory to this challenge and that I didn’t want to finish. But I got so many encouraging words that I decided to change my spin on this entire project 100% und made something quite different...

It’s crack! Pure and honest to God CRACK. I claimed “Wall-E” as my movie prompt and yeah... this is my J2 spin on it. :-D

A huge thank you goes out there to [livejournal.com profile] sophisti_girl for the great and fast beta! *hugs*


This is the story about JAR-ED and J.E.N. )
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Hehe... I forgot to post a picture... :-D

As we were waiting at the L.A. airport for boarding... we had dinner here:

How cool is that? ROFL We definitely got a kick out of that *g* And we were sure Ellen and Co. would come around the next corner any minute :D

Also... you definitely know that your trip to the US affected your every day life when you find yourself standing in-front of the car park ticket machine, trying to figure out how much you need to tip it LOL And YES... don't laugh... it happens! ROFL (and YES I know you guys don't tip that... but just the thought of me wanting to figure out the tip amused me quite a lot lol ) Though, the guy standing next to me probably didn't think so :D
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Alright... I think this is going to be my last post about the con and the little San Francisco vacation. *sob*

First of all… I still can’t believe that all of this has already been a week ago. Right now we’d be queuing for the photo ops and all…!! Man, time really flew by fast.

But from all the cons I’ve been to so far, this one was definitely one of the most fun ones. I had such a good time and met so many awesome ppl.

Things I saw… ppl I met  )

Ok… last but not least… here are my pictures from San Francisco and Santa Monica!! :-) Enjoy. Most of them are self-explaining *gg* I think, although San Francisco literally tried to kill us, we had a good time. And I was impressed by the beauty of this town. I think my highlight was Alcatraz. I was impressed by everything and all the history within these walls (the audio tour they had was beyond amazing) I could have wandered around there for hours!! I hope to go back some day, b/c I def. want to see it all again!

Alright, enough talking… now let’s look at some pictures, shall we? *g*

Link to both galleries… and don’t get distracted by the boys, okay? :D
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Well, the normal life really has me back. I already miss my girls and all fun we had *sigh* Being home sucks, everything is just so “normal” again. Nevertheless, I have so many awesome memories from the convention that these will probably keep me going until the next one.

But now, some more goodies from the convention.

Aldis Hodge – pictures and 2 videos where he talks about Jared/Sam )

Alona Tal – two videos – she talks about Jared and Sam and being Dean’s sort of sister )

Jared – Jensen – J2 Panel – Audio files (almost all of their panels) plus a few pictures )

Misha Collins – just a few (rather crappy) pictures )

And last but not least, b/c so many ppl were asking about my music video that won… here it is:

Music Video )
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ramble post about Sunday at the convention :-D You know… THE day!! g

My personal experiences with the boys… lots of squeeing… a VERY awkward Danneel Harris story… meeting MISHA… ohhh and my five minutes of fame!!! (you are curious now, aren’t ya? lol )

CUT CUT CUT (for length) )

Tomorrow [livejournal.com profile] angels_cordy , [livejournal.com profile] faith_mars, [livejournal.com profile] sophisti_girl and I will head to Santa Monica and do a little shopping and sightseeing before we have to go to the airport in the early evening to actually go back home! :-( DO NOT WANT!!

PCD is already hitting me very hard and I’m so sad that this weekend is over!! :-(
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We just came back from the Jason/Steve concert!!! Can't express how much I adore Steve! Heh. And this time he had his whole band with him.... so yes AWESOME barley covers it right now.

BUT BUT... the main reason I'm posting... Misha is here!!! And we saw him. And he is pretty and gorgeous and..... awwww!! He showed up in the middle of Steve's gig (btw, Richard did as well) and just stood there at the side for a few minutes... and you could actually see ppl going crazy over him lol So he basically had to leave the room again so ppl would refocus on the actual concert.
It's insane... I'm telling you! LOL But also so much fun.

Only a few more hours until the big day... dear lord... I was playing it cool all weekend but now I'm starting to get nervous... just the tiniest bit lol The photo ops're going to be the very first thing... So I guess I should probably sleep or something? lol As if that's even possible...
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Just another quick update cause I promised some ppl to upload this!! :)

A few more pics of Alona and Aldis doing Karaoke:

And here's the video of Aldis singing "Sweet Home Alabama" (unfortunately it's filmed from the side... so you won't see him all the time :-/ )

Feel free to link this post... just let me know where you link it ;)
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hey there! just a quick update from the con *gg* Sitting in Malik's panel right now. (well or at least waiting until he gets here... seems he's running a bit late) But so far? This Con? Rocks!!! Aldis is so, SO geeky and adorable! I guess I have a serious crush on him. And I think your life's not complete if you've never seen the man sing karaoke! LOL Did I mention that he is sooo geeky? *gg* And so smiley and laid back!!! I'm beyond thrilled that they added him to the line up.

Last night we had a blast. [livejournal.com profile] sophisti_girl, [livejournal.com profile] angels_cordy, [livejournal.com profile] all_feeling and I were hanging around at the bar until two, listening to the karaoke performancens and had so much fun LOL We even convinced [livejournal.com profile] sophisti_girl to do karaoke! LOL So yeah, there's video and picture evidence... but I'm not gonna post it... (yet) LOL

Haven't really checked my flist for two days... so I have no idea what's going on. But I guess you already have read about the wrap party for season four as well as Alona's statement about the new Ruby" :-d (if not? Dig around! You need to read that)
Someone also told me that Jared and Jensen are already in town... so... wohooo! I guess they are really, really coming! *gg*

That's all for now *g*

Oh no... wait... Creation's apparently very strict about the taking video policy this time... they busted quite a lot of ppl already *sigh* So I dunno how many vids will show up! :-/

(Btw... Charly thank you so much for letting me know about James!! This is awesome!!! Guess I have to be there after all *g* )
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Well... here's a short clip of Danneel Harris talking about her "real life" boyfriend (at the very end of the clip)... and well... uhm... judge for yourself what you think of it... but "enthusiastic" sounds different to me...

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Now that's an awesome subject line, huh? LOL

I have quite some new friends... so, first of all, a very warm welcome to all of you guys! :-) Glad to have you here! If there’s anything you want to know about me, just ask! (I answer almost any question lol ) (ETA: Oh and I forgot to mention... I don't read any kind of spoilers! So please, PLEASE always use LJ-cuts! Okay? Thanks *g* ) )

Contrary to that I’ll do a little friends cut the next few days. You know, nothing personal, yadda yadda yadda. Just, if we don’t talk any more or never really clicked I’ll cut you. You know, there’s no point to keep each other around any longer, right?

In other news… finally watched Watchmen Honestly, I don’t know what to think of it. I actually can’t understand all the hype about this movie. I mean, it was okay-ish and all, but definitely not the “best movie ever”. But Jeffrey Dean was awesome …. although…

…cut for a slight spoiler )
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Bidding has officially begun!! So... what's keeping you? Rush over there and grab your favorite items before someone snatches it away right under your nose! And the best part? It's for charity... so... it's a win-win situation!! See? Awesome! :D

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YAY Icons! I mean you seriously didn’t believe I wouldn’t make any icons after all these gorgeous Friday the 13th stills, did you? :D


pic pic pic

13 Icons this way )


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