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Ok, first, something quick off-topic, but is the new LJ profile UGLY, or what? Meeeh! I want the old layout back!! Now!

Finally got the rest of my Eyecon 2 Videos… and well, b/c there was the demand for these videos, here are the rest of Jared’s Eyecon Panel clips:

Previews part: Part 1 - Here

Part 2:

Sendspace 27,54 MB – 5,21 minutes | Megaupload 27,54 MB – 5,21 minutes

Part 3:

Sendspace 128 MB – 24,24 minutes | Megaupload 128 MB – 24,24 minutes

Part 4:

Sendspace 42,73 MB – 8,17 minutes | Megaupload 42,73 MB – 8,17 minutes

Please do not hotlink this video or pass the link around ;) No re-uploading of your own! If you download or want to link it somewhere, please drop me a comment ;)

Enjoy :-)
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Alright ppl... here are the first 21 minutes of Jared’s Eyecon panel for dl (Basically the video starts the second he walks through the door) :-) I was sitting in second row, just vis-à-vis from Jared, so the angle is quite good.

Please do not hotlink this video or pass the link around ;) If you want to link it somewhere, please drop me a comment ;). Oh and sorry for some shaking moments *lol* I got distracted a little bit :D

Jared Padalecki @ Eyecon 2 Panel Part 1 – Megaupload 127 MB – 21 minutes

Jared Padalecki @ Eyecon 2 Panel Part 1 – Sendspace 127 MB – 21 minutes

Please leave a commet if you grab it, so that I know where the file's floating around. ;)

I don’t have my other files from the con yet, b/c they are still sitting on someone elses computer. But if you're interested, there’s more to come ;)
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YAY, I can't believe that I'm already done with my Florida and Eyecon report :) Usually it takes me a few weeks *lol* So yeah... here are my thoughts about our Florida trip and the convention :-)

...and when Jared giggles his whole body giggles!! And I have first hand info on that one *lol* )
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I’m back home... unfortunately *sigh* Florida and Eyecon were beyond great, and to say that I had a fantastic time would truly be an understatement :D
The trip back home was a little bit exhausting and the first thing I did when I got home was falling into bed and sleeping for hours!! My cold is now back in full force, with fever and everything. But now, with being home again, it isn’t much of a problem, just very very inconvenient.

Anyway… my Eyecon report will follow tomorrow… especially about my photo op experiences with Jared and Co and the fact that A.J. bought our table shots at the banquet *lol* Yay! Alcohol. :D

OMG and Jared!!! Is it possible that this man could any cuter and hotter? I think not *ggg*

Will also get back to all of your comments in the next couple of days. Promise!!
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Here's a 5 minutes clip of Jared's panel... I don't really know what he's saying in this clip b/c I have no time to actually re-watch it *lol* Just wanted to upload the file with the lowest file size to get it out there for ya guys asap!

So have fun!!

PS... He's soooo adorable!!! :D
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Just had our photo ops with Jared!!! And I've gotta say... Jared looks fine! No, scratch that! Jared looks pretty fucking amazing!!! He trimmed his hair a little bit and he was wearing blue. And boy... *happy fangirl sigh*

I already got my hunters photo with Jim and Jared back... I went again for a pissed-off hunters pose! And boy... that picture turned out pretty awesome. Jared looks royally pissed lol Like in his best Sam 'Don't mess with me' Winchester days.

Besides that, he's in an awesome mood. A little tired but still all smiley and funny. As we were waiting in line, there was a little girl coming up to him and he just picked her up and put her on his shoulder for the picture!! So effing cute!! :)

Jared panel starts in about an hour.... Can't wait!!


Sep. 27th, 2008 07:32 pm
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Hey guys. Just a quick update from Eyecon!

Jim Beaver and Ghostfacers panels are done. And let me tell you, it was hilarious!! Especially of course the two dorks Travis and A.J. (btw [livejournal.com profile] ladybird_7 AJ talked a little bit about CSI:NY – I have it on video and you’ll get it when I get home)

Apparently… according to Jim, Jared is a 6.5 baby LOL (Yep, so very true lol )

I don’t recall much right now (b/c maybe due to the fact that I’m sick and stuffed with meds to keep the cold away *sigh*) but lots more goodies are about to come. Here’s a short clip of Travis and A.J. singing the Ghostfacers theme song :)

(YT needs a few minutes to process the upload... so the video should be up shortly)


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