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Well, since I updated constantly over the Eyecon weekend, I guess there’s not much to add! I remember a few months ago I haven’t even considered going to this con... but then they built this awesome line-up, added Ten Inch Hero and other stuff… and well... in the end I’m SO glad that I went. You know, I cant even pinpoint what I liked most, because everything was awesome. (I guess you all think I’d say Jared, right?) Well, he definitely was my highlight of the weekend, but even without him, the weekend would have rocked.

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Autograph panel pics  )

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Hey everyone… already tired of my Eyecon posts?

Well, today I have LOTS of Jared goodies for you! I also decided to upload Jared’s panel! (I have almost everything… it’s missing a few questions, but it’s most of his panel!)

BTW if you got the part on tape where he talks about Austria could u send it to me PLZ…?? I’d LOVE you forever)

So, enjoy the pretty behind the cuts :)

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Video from the Autograph Panel )

Videos from Jared’s Panel (almost the whole panel) )
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Okay, I started uploading my Eyecon videos - behind the cut there are 13 videos of Alona Tal, Chad Lindberg and Samantha Ferris or short "The Roadhouse Panel" Some of their answers are simply hilarious - especially the stories about their own fangirl/fanboy moments and about Jared and Jensen on set.

If you want to link this entry please just drop me a comment and let me know where. ;)


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If you’ve been following my squee-entries about the convention you might have read about me mentioning the special poster I made. Well, and I promised a picture… so, here it is:


Jared mocked Jensen's signature... LOL )
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Okay... Jared is simply awesome! I know I know... but right now I dont have any more words... He's just... GAH!!!

Have two vids for you, one of the entering and one doing the "Matrix style" or something like that.

(it may take a couple of minutes before the vids show up, just uploaded them to YT)

Someone also asked him about RPG and Wincest again... which was... well, inappropriate... but he had a good laugh.

And he did his puppy lost his shoe face. (Sorry Michi couldn't find the video so fast... :-/ )

Someone asked about the nicknames for each other and Jared went like "weeeell, I call Jensen "ugly" b/c everyone calls him pretty... so when he hears "ugly" he knows that I'm talking" LOL And Jensen's nickname for him? "Lord!" LOL After that he bursted out laughing himself! And the serious answer was that he calls Jensen "Smeckles" A LOT.

I already had my two pics with him taken and YES, I asked for the Blue Steel LOL So I hope it'll turn out okay :D Oh, as i walked up to him he stood up (and was again a head taller than me) swung his arm around me and said "Hey Babe" ) Uhmmm... *do not compute... do not compute* I forgot to smile for the pic for a second LOL He cant say something like that! He really, really just cant!!
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Okay... panels with Jim, Sam, Chad, Alona, Sandy and Gabriel are done. I already had my Alona pic taken (did I mention that I love her? I really really do) We ran into her in the elevator and I was talking with another girl as she walked in. So, I didn't see her at first and went like "yeah yeah, and now we are going down to get Alona's pic" and the other girl I was talking to pointed at the corner and there she was, standing LOL Yeah, little embarrassing, I know LOL But she was just too sweet. And later at the Photo Op she greeting me with "Hi again, how are you" and shook my hand *lol* Just before the pic was taken she turned back at me and was like "OMG I love your hair" and grabbed at it. It was just too sweet!!! I dont know how the pic will turn out, I think I might made a funny face... but yeah... whatever.

I also got the autographs from Alona and Gabriel so far... I made myself a special Supernatural poster and everyone went nuts over it. Alona loved it and said I should make this professional... and Gabe was like "SWEET" (will post pic later when i have all autographs)

God, what else? I think i have a serious fangirl crush on Gabe!! I'M TELLING you! This guy rocks!!! I loved him before. But now seeing him live on stage... he's just sooo funny and charming and omg... did I mention that I love him ?

Sandy... okay, I have to say I really, really like her. She's all bubbly and funny and she got just positive reaction from everyone. Jared and she are THE PERFECT MATCH!! She told again how Jared proposed and that they never really had a first date - b/c the were friends at first. Also, they didn't like each other at first (as they met on the set of Cry Wolf)

I also have lots and lots of goodies!! So, dunno when I get to share them... but I'll definitely do.

Remember me saying that Chad was kind of creepy yesterday? Well he still has the vibe, but it was much better today and I like him. Also Sam was like "Turn around Chad" and he of course did it and showed the audience his ass backside... twice LoL

ETA: Oh I just remember... Gabe said that he saw a fanfic of "Andy/Ash" and apparently his mother saw it too... and was all shocked LOL
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Morning all! :D Yeah, I forgot two important facts: First, Jim Beaver was invited to Asylum and if there are no date collisions he'll be there - as a replacement for Jared.

AND... there are plans for another Eyecon in September... this time with Jensen *g*

Oh and it will probably take me some time to anwser to all of your comments ;) But they will come, promise! :)
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[livejournal.com profile] faith_mars and I just came back from dinner and having a drink at the bar. I think the others are still at the Cocktail Party.

So far, we saw Jim, Gabriel, Sandy, Sam and Chad at the Meet & Greet. Let me tell you... Gabriel is the cutest thing ever! He was so shy and nervous! It's his very first convention and after saying Hi he said something like "I dont know what to say". And the MC pitched in and screamed "CON VIRGIN" *lol* That was pretty hilarious and broke the ice. Sandy seems to be very cute and nice and made a very good first impression.
The next one was Chad. Hmmm... I was looking forward to see the man behind "Ash" And I have to say, he was a little bit creepy LOL Not sure yet if I like it or not.

Sam still rocks as hell! I simply love her. And Jim Beaver... God, dont get me started! He's beyond awesome! AND HE WORE A CAP! LOL And he greeted us with the words "Hello you idgits" ROFL

Well, after the short M&G we finally got to see Ten Inch Hero! Holy... I can't even begin to describe how much I love this movie!! It's cute and funny and really romantic. I even teared up a little at a romatic scene! Yes, I KNOW! Me? Well, I just couldn't help it.
I also really liked Jensen's performance. I've seen some reports where ppl said he was like Dean? Well, I didn't see it. He really created a whole new character and I didn't feel like watching Dean :)

After the movie the director and producer had a little Q&A which lasted over 45 miuntes. Ppl asked a lot of questions about the movie (and not only about Jensen...) It was really interesting. They said that the movie definitely WILL come out. But they still can't pinpoint a date. There are a few offers they have to consider. Also, the chances are good that the movie will come out in Europe (Germany was mentioned) way earlier than in the states. Apparently negotiations in Europe are way further.

Plus, they told us that they didn't send Jensen the script. Jensen's agent has another actor contracted who got a script. And said agent gave the script to Jensen as well. As the producers were informed about that they said something like "Jensen Ackles... who?" LOL

Well, anyway... enough for now. Marion and I have to watch the finale of Torchwood now :D

Here are two pics... not really good one's b/c the light sucks and with the seat in row six my cam doesn't like the zoom in :-/

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Okay, if you are on Michaelas Flist, you’ve probably seen this already. Well, and if you are not… here’s the deal:

My friend’s not going to be able to attend Eye Con because someone very close to her got seriously sick. That's why she’s selling her ticket:

* Platinum C ticket, Seat# F28 (row6), price: 255 $
All platinum ticket holders will receive the following )

* Saturday Evening Celebrity Banquet ticket, price: 85 $, stars attending so far: Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Sandra McCoy, Samantha Ferris, Chad Lindberg, Alona Tal, Steve Carlson, Gabriel Tigerman

*Ten Inch Hero SCREENING, price: 10 $


Preferably, she wants to sell the platinum ticket, the banquet ticket and the ticket for the screening as a package. So, and of course you’d be rewarded for that, you can buy the whole package for 300 $

Kenny from Eyecon has already been contacted and knows about her situation and he allowed her to sell the tickets on her own as long as we don’t intend to make profit with it. And as you see, we definitely not try to do this :)
He also guaranteed to assign the tickets to the person who buys it.

So, if you are interested or know someone who might is... please drop me a comment or write to: michaela@solimp.de

Thanks for reading :)
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Okay… three days after we bought our tickets for EyeCon and booked our flight to Orlando… time to freak out?! lol Nope, not really!! I’m uber-excited! Just a little bit more than two months! Gah!

And yeah, I know, back in November I said that I definitely will not attend this con… But then, of course, they added more and more awesome guests, events… and finally also a Teen Inch Hero screening!! I mean, seriously? Did they try to torture me or something!?

Anyway, the decision is settled, the money spent… and honestly? It seems that almost everyone on my flist will be there and combined with the awesome guest line up and events, it could truly be the best con ever!!

And it’s FUCKING ORLANDO! *victory arms* What more does a fangirl heart want?!


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