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I have to admit, I'm A TAD excited right now, b/c the mail man seems to be very nice to me this week. My copy of Jared's Christmas Cottage DVD came!! Remember how excited I was about the TIH dvd a couple of days ago? This was nothing compared to now!!

Oh... oh... and I had no idea that this dvd comes in an extra boxing! You know, not the usual dvd case, but it's in another cardboard box, which is all shiny and pretty... and did I mention shiny?!!!

Jared!!! ♥


Here are a few caps from the bonus material:

Few more under here... )


Aug. 4th, 2008 09:00 pm
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FINALLY, there's the first official picture of Jared's new movie "Friday the 13th" :D

Credit: MTV.com

Uhh.. he looks FINE! :D
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Just reading this, very true, article, makes me go all Awwwww and fuzzy inside:

Which makes it all the more evident of the level of sheer talent that Jared Padalecki posses as an actor when you meet him in person to discover that he is a bundle of exuberant, lively energy that is constantly in motion.

Padalecki, who stands an impressive six foot four, presents an easy-going gentleness that immediately puts a person at ease with him. He has the kind of personal amiability and charisma that, whether he is standing on stage in front of you or in the photo line right beside you, sends out a welcoming energy that embraces people as if they were his long lost friends. One thing you discover right off is that it is hard not to laugh and smile around Jared Padalecki. The man seems quite capable of embracing a whole roomful of people with just the warmth of his smile. Once you meet him in person, it's easy to see why so many guest stars have high praise for him, along with co-star Jensen Ackles, in regards to making them feel welcome.

Here's the full article
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Some of you already know that I'm a "little" obsessed with Veronica Mars. Sadly... or not, that's not my only tv-show obsession. Besides our lovely characters in Neptune, I'm also truly fascinated with the boys (especially Jared Padalecki) of Supernatural.

So, it's high time for my very first Supernatural music video!

Supernatural Sam

Song: Faint by Linkin Park
Character: Mostly Sam (a little John and Dean)
Spoiler: Up and including episode 2x09
Summary: Visions, monsters and nightmares... Just a bad dream or ice-cold reality?
Links: 30 MB (Sendspace) 30 MB (Megaupload)

Feedback makes me happy, besides naked Jared of course *ggg*


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