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Well, first of all, Happy Easter you all! Good luck with the Easter egg hunt :P
Also, I have to say I’m quite stunned. I mean I never would have figured that my silly and crackish Wall-E!J2 stuff in my last entry would be so well received. *lol* Friends even suggested that I should x-post the stuff… but honestly? I wouldn't know where, cause let’s face it, it’s not quite J2 community stuff material. :-D

Anyway I have some pimping to do:

[livejournal.com profile] supernatur_lims round three sign-ups are now open!
Sign-ups | Rules
I’m going to particpate in this round as well… so, Yay!

Secondly… still haven’t seen Harper’s Island… but there’s already a great community out there you all should join right that second! :D
[livejournal.com profile] harpers_globe [livejournal.com profile] harpers_globe [livejournal.com profile] harpers_globe

And last but not least:

H/C stories are definitely my favorite kind, So, this is a great, great community. Plus, I even posted a prompt myself and hope someone out there grabs it and writes me a angsty-angsty-angsty story *puppy eyes*

Hmmm, I think I am done. Uff… pimping is exhausting…
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Alright... I think this is going to be my last post about the con and the little San Francisco vacation. *sob*

First of all… I still can’t believe that all of this has already been a week ago. Right now we’d be queuing for the photo ops and all…!! Man, time really flew by fast.

But from all the cons I’ve been to so far, this one was definitely one of the most fun ones. I had such a good time and met so many awesome ppl.

Things I saw… ppl I met  )

Ok… last but not least… here are my pictures from San Francisco and Santa Monica!! :-) Enjoy. Most of them are self-explaining *gg* I think, although San Francisco literally tried to kill us, we had a good time. And I was impressed by the beauty of this town. I think my highlight was Alcatraz. I was impressed by everything and all the history within these walls (the audio tour they had was beyond amazing) I could have wandered around there for hours!! I hope to go back some day, b/c I def. want to see it all again!

Alright, enough talking… now let’s look at some pictures, shall we? *g*

Link to both galleries… and don’t get distracted by the boys, okay? :D
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Now that's an awesome subject line, huh? LOL

I have quite some new friends... so, first of all, a very warm welcome to all of you guys! :-) Glad to have you here! If there’s anything you want to know about me, just ask! (I answer almost any question lol ) (ETA: Oh and I forgot to mention... I don't read any kind of spoilers! So please, PLEASE always use LJ-cuts! Okay? Thanks *g* ) )

Contrary to that I’ll do a little friends cut the next few days. You know, nothing personal, yadda yadda yadda. Just, if we don’t talk any more or never really clicked I’ll cut you. You know, there’s no point to keep each other around any longer, right?

In other news… finally watched Watchmen Honestly, I don’t know what to think of it. I actually can’t understand all the hype about this movie. I mean, it was okay-ish and all, but definitely not the “best movie ever”. But Jeffrey Dean was awesome …. although…

…cut for a slight spoiler )
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Bidding has officially begun!! So... what's keeping you? Rush over there and grab your favorite items before someone snatches it away right under your nose! And the best part? It's for charity... so... it's a win-win situation!! See? Awesome! :D

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I’m going to do a major friends cut in the next couple of days. So, if you’ll be cut, you know it’s nothing personal, yadda yadda yadda. It’s just that we either have nothing in common anymore or you never post or comment. So, see? Nothing personal, just cleaning up my flist a little bit.

Also in addition, if you just keep me around as courtesy to a friend we have in common? Please don’t. Trust me when I tell you I’m not mad at all when you defriend me. I just learned today that a person on my flist kept me around b/c she didn’t want to annoy another, mutual friend by throwing me off her list.

And b/c I’m at it… with Supernatural season four starting in less than a week, I feel the need to repeat my “I’m spoilerfree” speech. So, please, keep your spoiler stuff under a pretty little LJ-cut. ;)

Yep, guess that’s it.
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Okay... I'm looking for someone who'd be a total sweetheart and would get me the Arthelius magazine No. 02/08??! Pretty, pretty plz?! I, of course, would Paypal you the money for all your costs and shippment asap... and I do live in Austria, so it's not that far!!

Anyone willing to help me out? That would be beyond awesome!!!!
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Okay, some of you have already seen this, but from now on my journal is „friends only“ Don’t worry, fanarts like graphics, videos and fics stay public. As well as picspams and convention stuff :)

I noticed, especially lately, there are a lot of ppl friending me although we have zero in common. We don’t share a single interest, friend or community. I don’t even know how these ppl find this journal.

Also, if you want to defriend me but never got around to do it – go on, I don’t mind at all :-) I’ll go through my f-list the next couple of days as well, because there are some ppl out there I just have nothing in common with anymore. ;) So plz dont take it personal.

Yep, I guess that’s it! So, if you think you might get cut but you wanna stay to listen to my personal rant and Supernatural squees (and I promise there are always a lot of those *lol* ) please just comment :-)
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With the new season FINALLY starting in less than two weeks, I get it that there are lots of spoilers flying around right now. And according to some "OMG squeeeee" posts I figure they are good?! But PLEASE, I don't wanna know :D Call me old-fashioned, but I don't wanna know every deatail before I watch the episodes. The only thing I treat myself with are trailers, episode titles and promo pics. But yes, that's it.

As I got almost spoiled today, just a quick plea to everyone on my flist: Please use cuts when you're talking about spoilers! :) Thank you!!


Ps... I'm still waiting for the official promo pics for season three!! Where the hell are they? *grrrh*
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So, here’s the thing! I don’t do spoilers!! I’m completely un-spoilered for all the remaining Supernatural episodes – and I really want to stay that way.

No Spoiler

So PLEASE my lovely people on my f-list… PLEASE use spoiler-cuts! I bake you cookies or even promise you my first-born! But please, don’t spoiler me!! :)


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