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I know all your f-lists are already full with this piece of news, but sorry, I also have to say this:

Jason Fucking Dohring this fall in a new show called Moonlight ... playing a VAMPIRE! ***squeeee*** Best.News.Ever.

So, the perfect day to post the second part of my Breakout pictures (Jason Dohring & Michael Muhney panel – day two)

Click for the soon-to-be bloodsucker )
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I know, there have been quite a few J2-squee posts lately, but today I have a goody for all Veronica Mars/Jason Dohring Fans on my flist. :)

I know some of you wanted to go to Breakout but couldn’t make it.Therefore, here are 5 small videos I made of Jason from day 1. Unfortunately I don’t have any videos of Michael from this day because I was too chicken to film and the security guard was always standing just a few feet away from our seats.

Jdoh JDoh01 JDoh

Look at the pretty… )
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Here’s the first patch of my Breakout Convention pictures from Day 1. More pictures to come :)

Breakout Breakout

Michael: “Do you like long walks on the beach?” Jason: “Uhm… no?!”  )
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Oh let me tell you... going to cons is not cheap *lol* Or at least for me, when you want lots of pictures and photo-op tickets! But hey, it's so worth it!!! *gg* Haven't seen Jason and Michael so far, but Mark Sheppard is walking around the lounge. *gg*

We also watched the Supernatural finale this morning!!! OMG.... (yep, that's pretty much I can manage right now) But I truly loved it and all the shout-outs to previous episodes!! Kripke is one hell of a pa genius.

Season 3, plz?! RIGHT NOW! Thanks.


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