Mar. 29th, 2009

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Just another quick update cause I promised some ppl to upload this!! :)

A few more pics of Alona and Aldis doing Karaoke:

And here's the video of Aldis singing "Sweet Home Alabama" (unfortunately it's filmed from the side... so you won't see him all the time :-/ )

Feel free to link this post... just let me know where you link it ;)
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We just came back from the Jason/Steve concert!!! Can't express how much I adore Steve! Heh. And this time he had his whole band with him.... so yes AWESOME barley covers it right now.

BUT BUT... the main reason I'm posting... Misha is here!!! And we saw him. And he is pretty and gorgeous and..... awwww!! He showed up in the middle of Steve's gig (btw, Richard did as well) and just stood there at the side for a few minutes... and you could actually see ppl going crazy over him lol So he basically had to leave the room again so ppl would refocus on the actual concert.
It's insane... I'm telling you! LOL But also so much fun.

Only a few more hours until the big day... dear lord... I was playing it cool all weekend but now I'm starting to get nervous... just the tiniest bit lol The photo ops're going to be the very first thing... So I guess I should probably sleep or something? lol As if that's even possible...


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