Mar. 28th, 2009

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hey there! just a quick update from the con *gg* Sitting in Malik's panel right now. (well or at least waiting until he gets here... seems he's running a bit late) But so far? This Con? Rocks!!! Aldis is so, SO geeky and adorable! I guess I have a serious crush on him. And I think your life's not complete if you've never seen the man sing karaoke! LOL Did I mention that he is sooo geeky? *gg* And so smiley and laid back!!! I'm beyond thrilled that they added him to the line up.

Last night we had a blast. [ profile] sophisti_girl, [ profile] angels_cordy, [ profile] all_feeling and I were hanging around at the bar until two, listening to the karaoke performancens and had so much fun LOL We even convinced [ profile] sophisti_girl to do karaoke! LOL So yeah, there's video and picture evidence... but I'm not gonna post it... (yet) LOL

Haven't really checked my flist for two days... so I have no idea what's going on. But I guess you already have read about the wrap party for season four as well as Alona's statement about the new Ruby" :-d (if not? Dig around! You need to read that)
Someone also told me that Jared and Jensen are already in town... so... wohooo! I guess they are really, really coming! *gg*

That's all for now *g*

Oh no... wait... Creation's apparently very strict about the taking video policy this time... they busted quite a lot of ppl already *sigh* So I dunno how many vids will show up! :-/

(Btw... Charly thank you so much for letting me know about James!! This is awesome!!! Guess I have to be there after all *g* )


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