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Alright... I think this is going to be my last post about the con and the little San Francisco vacation. *sob*

First of all… I still can’t believe that all of this has already been a week ago. Right now we’d be queuing for the photo ops and all…!! Man, time really flew by fast.

But from all the cons I’ve been to so far, this one was definitely one of the most fun ones. I had such a good time and met so many awesome ppl.

I remember talking to [livejournal.com profile] sophisti_girl back in November about the con and that it was still so many months away… and then suddenly Wham!! And we were standing in the lobby, meeting for the first time! And man… it was so awesome! Later that day [livejournal.com profile] angels_cordy visited us in our room and we all watched 4x17 together… And it was awesome! It’s always just so much fun to watch the show with other fans!! :-D

I also had the pleasure to meet [livejournal.com profile] lfg1986 and [livejournal.com profile] taintedangel80 again. And finally I also got to meet [livejournal.com profile] afrocurl *g* We had some fun evenings at the sport's bar… and heh… we even got to see a famous American wrestler lol Still no clue who the guy was, but we were told that he was very famous… so… yay us, I guess! LOL

Furthermore I finally got to meet [livejournal.com profile] all_feeling and we had a fun time at karaoke night on Friday! :D ( *cough* video *cough* That’s all I’m saying… still have to get that to you, hun)
I briefly also met [livejournal.com profile] ckll, Kathy and Jessica (guhh… for the life of it, I can’t remember your LJ names *shame* )
And man, I know I’m forgetting some ppl… shout if I left you out, okay?

Oh, and something I forgot to mention in my previous con posts... Steve rocked!!! Like, very very much! I got to see him performing with his band for the very first time! *heart* Something I've been dying to see for a VERY long time!! :-D

Well, all in all, it was a blast and I can’t wait for the next con to come around. And have I told you that I already miss my girls… like VERY VERY much? *sigh* It’s just not fair that u all live that far away. *pouts* Go and marry someone rich… and then come here and visit, okay?

Ok… last but not least… here are my pictures from San Francisco and Santa Monica!! :-) Enjoy. Most of them are self-explaining *gg* I think, although San Francisco literally tried to kill us, we had a good time. And I was impressed by the beauty of this town. I think my highlight was Alcatraz. I was impressed by everything and all the history within these walls (the audio tour they had was beyond amazing) I could have wandered around there for hours!! I hope to go back some day, b/c I def. want to see it all again!

Alright, enough talking… now let’s look at some pictures, shall we? *g*

Link to both galleries… and don’t get distracted by the boys, okay? :D
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